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SWAT training provides many benefits beyond self or on-line instruction. We're available to answer questions immediatly or embellish concepts that might be difficult for the students. We add practical experience examles that help to explain concepts beyond a standard designed course. And we are available to provide answers to questions that may not be covered in a standard course or self-instruction book.

Pay only for what you need.

Training and associated pricing is customized to your needs. We first meet with you to perform a free assessment of your training requirements, then design a course and pricing specific to those needs! Curriculum is customized focusing on only those components that are most important to you.

Education beyond the course.

We want your staff to be as productive as possible, even after the training. Participants are welcome to contact SWAT with software questions for up to 30 days after the training at no additional charge!

Train on the fly.

There is no better way to learn than through practical experience. With our unique Train on the Fly you get trained while being coached through one of your actual projects! Why not be productive while you learn?

Save money.

Our courses are priced very competively with other educators in the area. Save even more with our sliding scale where the cost per participant is even less per person when you sign up more people!

Minimize non-productive time.

Training is held either on-site or at a location designated by you. Eliminate extensive and expensive travel and non-productive time away from your desk! Get an idea of what training might cost by entering your own numbers into the SWAT Training Calculator (a Microsoft Excel form, of course!) or call for a customized quote.
SWAT Training Calculator