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About Us

Neil Diffenbaugh has been working with computer systems since 1978. In 1980 he started working for ACNielsen Marketing Research in software development programming mainframe systems in Cobol and Fortran. He progressed into training and support of turnkey personal computer systems for ACNielsen clients that incorporated CD-ROM technology well before CD-ROMs were understood and available to the home user. He worked his way into phone support of ACNielsen’s proprietary, PC-based software applications and eventually managed that global call center for 4 years.

It was during his management experience that Neil found himself spending numerous weekend hours preparing budgets and presentations as well as managing the multitude of call statistics that a call center can present. Personnel staffing data, phone system statistics and customer issue management all required daily management to maintain an efficient call center, not to mention the data that senior management requested involving spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation development.

He finally decided that he no longer wanted to spend his weekends performing administrative tasks so he began to develop automated systems to turn hours of manual activities into minutes of automated execution.

He carries this practical business knowledge of computers and software into SWAT with a mission of helping companies and individuals save time and money using the same efficiencies he has discovered during his own career.